Dear all,

Am just back from Ocean Grove but plan to sketch at La Trobe Cottage tomorrow. I know that Marion and Annie plan to come too so hope to see more of you there as well. Our exhibition at the cottage opens on Sunday 18 March at the celebration of La Trobe’s birthday.   If you can’t come tomorrow you can work there independently and still submit your work. Theme La Trobe cottage and/or garden.

Life Drawing commences tomorrow too so some will do Life Drawing in the morning and then come to sketch at the cottage afterwards.

Pamela Irving has sent me info about her upcoming exhibition which is attached. My exhibition, ‘Succulents in Situ’ at Kinross Art Centre, Toorak opens Sunday 4 March at 3pm. I would love you to come along if you are free. Invites coming soon. Busy times!

Cheers Jo

La Trobe’s Cottage was the home of Victoria’s first governor, Charles Joseph La Trobe. The prefabricated building was shipped from Britain and built in 1839.

The quaint cottage was first erected in Jolimont, close to where the Melbourne Cricket Ground now stands, and is now located in Kings Domain on a rise near the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Shrine. The dining room added by La Trobe is believed to be Melbourne’s oldest surviving structure.

Take a tour of the tiny cottage to get a sense of life in early colonial Melbourne, and learn more about Victoria’s first governor and his family.