Australian Art Excellence Awards 2019

Nine Artists, Members of MSWPS were finalists in the AGRA Australian art Excellence Awards for 2019.

Cynthia Boyle, Diana Edwards, Annee Kelly, Jude Marganis, Kath McCann, Barbara McManus, Roz McQuillan, Anne Melloy and Vivi Palegeorge.

Congratulations to Cynthia Boyle for receiving the Packer’s Prize for Glimpse of Eildon

Congratulations to Roz McQuillan for Winning the Medallion Award for her eligible three artworks.

Roz States: I developed a love of drawing as a child…..I have always been fascinated by people,….which has led to my passionate interest in portraits and figurative work……I am always inspired by the drama of light and the way it shapes and changes objects, enhances composition and creates mood.

Photos Denise Keele-bedford