Awards for the 112th Annual Exhibition Changing Perspectives

Congratulations to all participants in the online Annual Exhibition.

A total of eighty-eight artworks are featured in the exhibition.

Judge Sophie Gerhard commented on the difficulty of judging a show of this calibre making copious notes and reviewing the artworks many times.

Her notes on the artworks can be viewed on the individual artwork pages as you view the exhibition at:

Changing Perspectives 2021

Her selection is listed below:

Highly Commended:

77 Just another day at the Office, Portrait of Bob Starkie {Skyhooks} – Vick Sullivan

59 Uncle Jack – Elizabeth Moore Golding

53 Steels Creek Road 2021 – Margaret McLoughlin

48 Angel – Monica Mauer Jan

47 Lake Bunga, East Gippsland – Jan Martin

26 Contemplation In The Hall That Survived The Fires  – Sue Jarvis

Valda Cuming Sculpture Award

28 Summertime – Suzanne Kaldor

Annie Davison Oliver Award:

78 Wild one – Vicki Sullivan

View the Flipbook catalogue here: