Deborah Klein Offering FREE training initiatives for Women

Deborah Klein was Guest Speaker for MSWPS 109th Annual Exhibition in 2018.

If you have an active creative practice, you are running a small business – and there is no better time than now to build the skills you need to build a future for your creative enterprise.

The Stepping Stones Empowerment Pathways + Small Business Program are FREE FREE FREE training initiatives that build women’s confidence and the skills needed when transitioning into employment, education or small business.

Open to women of migrant and asylum-seeking backgrounds, and to women 50+ of ANY background, Stepping Stones is an opportunity to position your creative practice for the future. As a registering woman recently said, “During COVID I haven’t been able to work with my customers, so I’ve shut my business for now….I felt isolated and oppressed. The idea of enrolling in the Stepping Stones Program gives me something to look forward to for myself, and something to work on toward the future….it also gives me the promise of making connections and a community to work with again.


The Stepping Stones Empowerment Pathways Program is now taking registrations for online delivery from 5 October:

Spot the difference?