15: Painting While Waiting

Highly Commended
  • Artist: Lucy Fekete
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 600 x 500
  • Price: $2,700.00

Painting While Waiting – This painting captures the end of a very significant chapter in my life. At a glance it shows the end of my pregnancy. My first – successful – pregnancy.

Three years earlier my first pregnancy had not been successful, and that experience profoundly devestated me to the point of walking out on a 10 year relationship, turning away from friends and family and moving interstate. I’d never felt so much pain and sadness. I physically ached, and for a very long time. I tried masking the hurt with excessive partying and all sorts of reckless behaviour. This spiral lasted for almost two years. It didn’t make me very popular, however I have learnt a lot about compassion, patience and boundaries.

As you can see by this painting, things eventually turned the corner for me. Here I am two weeks away from meeting my wee beautiful daughter. I’m so tired, uncomfortable yet so SO happy.

(Side note. Raising a baby during a pandemic has been a blessing. Lots of quality time at home together. We’re very lucky)

Judge’s Comment:
A huge statement painting and an excellent piece of graphic art. One can almost feel (from experience) the level of apprehension of what is to come. A combination of technical skill in its photo realism with a complete emotional outpouring. There is only a small reference to the fact that it was painted as a mirror reflection. The design element is good and the thin transparent layering of paint suits its modern feel. I hope the artist paints the ‘after the event’ picture!