41: In the Studio

Annie Davison Oliver Award
  • Artist: Gwendoline Krumins
  • Medium: Oil
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 304 x 355
  • Price: $550.00

In the studio – This scene depicts fellow artists painting from life in the VAS Studio.

Judge’s Comment:
The winning painting is a very well executed interior en plein air and looking at it, the viewer feels like they are in the same studio. The main subject is completely recognisable as Ray Hewitt and the other person in the painting could even be one of the MSWPS. The artist has captured a ‘moment in time’ with a good colour palette, good composition, an excellent play of light, confident and spontaneous brush strokes, lost and found edges and sets a sense of immediacy and concentration of the subject attending to his work. She has included a perfect balance of items, not too many and not too few but enough for the eye to ‘wander’ through the painting in exploration and intrigue at ‘ what’s going on’. The artist has ticked all the boxes and has created a very ‘memorable’ piece of art. An excellent example of traditional tonal impressionist realism. Well done.