A change in the air

  • Artist: Karen Hopkins
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 260 x 200
  • Price: $295.00

Perhaps this short poem I wrote describes the painting best
A Change in the Air -Karen Hopkins

So quickly the world as we knew it changed.
The very air we all breathed together our life force became a threat to us all.
We distanced ourselves from each other covered our faces and facial expressions
and together began to face uncertainty.
Although change is life’s only certainty -we don’t like it
It’s scary.
But in the darkness like a seed, there is often great growth,
and in the unity of our shared experience, areas of vulnerability and need come to the surface.
Something begins to grow and where it can a transformation occurs.
A different way of living.
We begin to reach out say hello more often beneath our masks,
befriend and help neighbors
walk again in parks and appreciate nature
and take time to pause and perhaps reassess what’s important in life.
Something is learned in every change

I have tried to portray these words above in this painting painted in lockdown 2020 Melbourne