Conservatory 2

  • Artist: Jo Reitze
  • Medium: Gouache
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 600 x 600
  • Price: $3,000.00

Conservatory 2 is the second of a pair of mounted and framed gouache paintings of the glorious floral oasis inside the Melbourne Conservatory in the Fitzroy Gardens. Light pervades the lush vegetation adding sparkle to the clearly recognizable flowers such as fuchsias and hydrangeas, their foliage and fern fronds. A close vantage point encloses the viewer in a beautiful place in which to contemplate and explore. The colours are limited but their almost complementary hues add vibrancy as do the strong tonal contrasts.

Both joyous paintings are a celebration of nature. They work well together but can be sold separately.