Dance like no one is watching…

  • Artist: April-Kaye Ikinci
  • Medium: Mixed media: drawing-with-scissors
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 630 x 440
  • Price: NFS

As an artist, I explored the edge of/overlap of printing/painting/mark-making and silhouette, with freehand drawing-with-scissors irrevocably on paper to make images of body and being.

Previously i had done such as these, different states and feelings in different times, in immediate lino-cutting but a work-related shoulder injury, despite repair, damaged forever the clarity and integrity of my lines of cutting so i had to find another way of capturing the immediacy of the day. Some moments of Rorschark ink blot process, some moments of body memory, some moments of finding pattern that spoke and mark that told. And rare additives of edges or overlappings or ornament.

“Dance like no one’s watching” appeared as one in a series over years, from small A5 sizes to A2 sizes in multiple colours, and colour themes and emotional range, silhouettes and art styles.

The expression is well known about being and moving freely, dancing without self consciousness in the presence of others. For me it also includes Japanese Butoh-type instinctual yet controlled released energy through the meld and the experience.

The woman is big, the woman is moving, the woman is taking her space and making her space and celebrating.