• Artist: Steffie Wallace
  • Medium: Oil on Linen
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 1010 x 1010
  • Price: $4,800.00

My work has always centred on the changing sky and its cloud formations and this painting exemplifies a new theme focused on the sky at various times of the day and night. This is my depiction of twilight with its soft and subtle closure viewed in late winter. The colour is limited, but still present; the sky allows us to experience peace and calm through observation giving us a reason to celebrate nature’s beauty. In this day and age, we live with uncertainty, fear and hardship, but also with faith, hope and optimism; as each day closes, there is another to look forward to. I derive great joy through painting and I am continually inspired by my fellow artists and their capacity for producing work which inspires others.