Eagle Nesting Season Mt Cannibal

  • Artist: Janine Good
  • Medium: Charcoal & Pastel on Board
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 1100 x 500
  • Price: NFS

Eagle Nesting Season has returned to Mt Cannibal, scorched by bushfires in 2019 the epicormic growth has been profuse after heavier rains than previous decades providing habitat for wildlife to breed and repopulate. The Kangaroo Grasses are flowering as a staple source of feed. A Goanna, thought to have disappeared due to the fires has been spotted recently. Life returns.
Part of the Tynong Granite Batholith Mt Cannibal in Garfield North wears a halo of huge, rounded boulders that protrude at intervals creating its landmark characteristic flat top, visible from surrounding areas. Cannibal Creek meanders around its base creating ephemeral wetlands then flows into the Bunyip River. There is a remarkable amount of wildlife sustained by these places and the adjoining Bunyip State Forest.
With echoes of the Arts and Crafts movement, focusing on narratives of the natural world, and printmaking-inspired design, species are simplified in shape and tone. But simplicity of form does not mean simplicity of design. I have enjoyed playing with the shapes of foliage layered with animal and bird forms, imagining the drama of their interacting life cycles.