Enter the Athletes – Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2021

Highly Commended
  • Artist: Sue Jarvis
  • Medium: Oil on Stretched Canvas
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 910 x 1220
  • Price: $5,000.00

Enter the Athletes – Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2021
Oil on canvas 91 x 122 cm Sue Jarvis 2021
We, globally, were spectators of theatre devoid of live audience.
The Japanese hosts provided a riveting parade of actors, musicians, clowns and athletes.
Pastel shades were broken by strong shadows and harlequin patterns.
These positive/negative images and contrasts brought to mind patterned fabric.
There was no regimented march of athletes, but spontaneity, enjoyment and selfies.
White masks were barely visible in the blur of white clad athletes gliding past.
I was drawn to Creativity from this unique contemporary event.
Judge Comment: Interestingly there are not many works in the exhibition that directly reference the impact of the COVID years we have just experienced. This work through its restrained palette and use of space between the figures reminds us of how quickly life can change.