Eroding Landscapes

  • Artist: Annee Kelly
  • Medium: Watercolour
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 130 x 240
  • Price: $875.00

In this triptych, “Eroding Landscapes”, I am seeking to portray how the Australian landscape is undergoing change which hopefully, will be for the better.
The first image of this triptych, portrays the Australian landscape as it was when Europeans first discovered this land.
The third image portrays Australia after extensive development has occurred, often following on from heavy clearing of flora and the resultant irreparable damage to Australia’s unique fauna, most often leading to the complete eradication of numerous animal species.
The second or central image, seeks to show the nation’s current attempts to slow and eventually reverse this damage by the replacement of fossil fuels with less intrusive forms of energy, by harnessing the power of both wind and sun.
I felt that a triptych was the best way for me to convey this social commentary.