• Artist: Tessa Wallis
  • Medium: Glass
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 300 x 260 x 30
  • Price: $1,600.00

Fan-gility is a kiln formed glass work which illustrates the fragility of femininity in today’s western world.
Fans have been a valued accessory in many societies for centuries but are now rarely used for anything but practical purposes. Before air conditioning, no proper lady was ever without one.
0ne of the most fashionable accessories used in Victorian flirting was the hand fan. As it became more acceptable for women to play a part in the courtship process, fans encouraged coquettish behaviour.
In China, fans are an essential part of traditional dress while in Japan, Geisha girls make an art form of hand fan language. Not only could a woman bring attention to her eyes and face by how she placed her fan, but they are also a vital accessory in traditional dressing. The hand fan can be traced back through Buddhist societies in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka where they are still in use.
Fan-gility is formed of brittle, delicate glass lace. It represents the fading popularity of femininity, elegance and flirtatious behaviour in today’s western world.