Greg’s Enharmonic Equivalent

  • Artist: Ruth Gavin
  • Medium: Oil on Linen
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 610 x 460
  • Price: $7,000.00

Greg (a classical musician, and friend), is deeply reflective, and continues to undergo personal exploration and subsequently a newly transformed, expression of ‘self’.

Greg’s clothing, reminiscent of a butterfly chrysalis, reveals his emerging ‘self’, bare-chested and devoid of all else. Further evolved, he remains Greg but expressed differently.

In music, the term enharmonic equivalent is a note, interval, or key signature that sounds the same as one another but is named or ‘spelled’ differently, much like a human’s internal transformation, the person appears the same but is expressed differently.

A keen observer of people, I am drawn to exploring the more subtle exposure of self, the process of observing the subject and revealing my responses to it, to capture and reveal to the viewer, a fleeting moment in time, an opportunity to witness the essence of the subject, paused, a momentary glimpse at an aspect of an individual.