Hakea Laurina. 13/30, 2021

  • Artist: Carmel O'Connor
  • Medium: Linocut
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 220 x 230
  • Price: $120.00

Title – Hakea Laurina. 13/30, 2021 – Reductive Linocut of five separate colours in a limited edition of thirty prints on Hoko.
LOCKDOWN has been a productive time for my art practise.
Printmaking combined with hand colouring is time consuming, consequently perfect for this covid period.
The Society is very good to look after its members via this online COVID CREATIONS exhibition with possibilities for sale of my unique, hand coloured, original designs, limited edition linocuts of Australian native flora and fauna.
Linocuts of my type are fun to collect and do increase in value if of unique design and produced with quality materials.
My LINOCUTS are sold unframed and include free postage within Australia.
Enjoy! MSWPS Member – Carmel O’Connor