Inside looking out

  • Artist: Karen Hopkins
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 260 x 200
  • Price: $295.00

During covid lockdowns, I spend many hours painting in my studio and am so grateful that my studio overlooks a park. I spent many hours looking out watching the changing light and weather patterns as the days passed and colors changing with the seasons and becoming familiar with differing bird calls at different times of the day.
My world became smaller yet as I focused on details often going unnoticed it also became larger
I have been so thankful for my interest in art. My creativity really helps me survive in times of lockdown.
Although living alone with my dog is lonely at times I am never bored it is a time to explore new ideas uninterrupted.
Its been a busy productive time too as over the last 18 months I have created 3 separate bodies of work for 3 exhibitions -over 100 artworks.
Creating art has also been therapeutic for me keeping me happy balanced and sane so I have able to reach out to neighbors in my community.
This self-portrait goes with entry 3 this one is “Inside looking out.” Entry 3 is “Outside looking in”