Love and Life, The Golden Years.

  • Artist: Tessa Wallis
  • Medium: Glass, 24 ct gold leaf
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 340 x 460
  • Price: $3,300.00

This gold glass expresses the value of love and life. On opposite sides are medallions of a man and a woman. A Celtic symbol on the woman’s forehead is a nod to her ancestors and shows an old man one way and an old woman the other.

As lovers, (bottom left) the man’s strong arms are wrapped around the woman protectively as he feels her happiness against his flesh.

In the middle, parents cuddle a newborn baby which reaches out to the mother’s face while the father looks on with pride. His large hands indicate the love and care he feels for his family.

The hope that their children be guided through the forest of life by the spirit of peace is expressed in the lower middle medallion.

A woman’s dream of motherhood (bottom right) shows a mother and child surrounded by flowers, as if in a garden. This medallion contrasts the masculine ideal expressed on the lower left.

These original designs are a contemporary interpretation of classical Roman medallions and gold glass. The choice of glass and 24 carat gold leaf, symbolizes that love and life are precious, but also fragile.

Retaining fine detail is challenging using warm glass techniques and persistent experimentation is required. All sculpture, mould making, kiln firing, gold glass work and glass frame by the artist.