Quinces in White Bowl

  • Artist: Vicki McInnes
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 450 x 450
  • Price: $1,100.00

I have a strong connection to home and memories of childhood and family – the source of themes I explore in paintings and drawings.
My family home was set in a rambling garden, and I have an enduring awareness of the seasons: the changes of fruit, vegetables and flowers signalling the year’s progress. This everyday and familiar harvest has a strong presence still. The spaces and objects of home are links to memory and those close to me.
I prefer low key, non-narrative imagery to allow the viewer’s attention to dwell on the formal and material aspects of representational painting, that is, to the arrangement of forms and tonal variance along with choice of subject and qualities of the paint itself. My aim is to produce a more reflective and considered visual experience.
In these paintings, I have rearranged understood items of subject matter in a review of the usual approach to still life composition. While the paradigm of rendering objects with a realist approach to tone and form is evident, it is the intangibles of light and shade that are my primary concern.