Tapestry of Life

  • Artist: Janine Good
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 1220 x 610
  • Price: $2,970.00

These works explore an imagined portrayal of the hidden energies that function beneath the surface of the Natural World – its Life Force. When we are in Nature we are absorbing all the forces at work that affect our senses, taking in fragmented elements up close and beyond at the same time. What surrounds us is in constant flux even though we may not consciously perceive it. Nature is resilient with the ability to recover and heal after extreme disaster, but we are at a time in human history when we need to be listening more closely. This imagery is sourced from Nature but as the artwork evolves other elements come into play, such as weather and life events – demonstrated by the two drawings of the same imagery but with varying mood and energy. Photography has conditioned us to only look at the surface but these artworks ask to look deeper.