The Freedom to Protest On The steps Of Parliament House

  • Artist: Sue Jarvis
  • Medium: Oil on Stretched Canvas
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 1020 x 1020
  • Price: $5,000.00

Shia Moslems are frequently persecuted in both Afghanistan and Pakistan on both ethnic and religious grounds.
Those who have emigrated to Australia are concerned that so many of their own have disappeared in their home country.
In Melbourne, on a Peaceful Sunday prior to Covid I came across this quiet group of protestors on the steps of Parliament House.
Banners displayed those who had Disappeared. Or read ” Is being Shia and anti-extremist military a crime in Pakistan?
It occurred to me that this was a means of telling of the plight of many of their countrymen in another part of the globe.
I was struck by the earnest expressions on their faces, young and old.
The common bond between them created a powerful presence which I wanted to convey in my artwork.

A contrast of shapes, symbols and light was better served in monochrome, as in a printed newspaper article.
I am inspired by the timeless quality of black and white photography. Here it has allowed me to be bold and expressive.
I hope that the act of peaceful protest in Australia is not silenced by those who fear protest.