Waiting By the Water

  • Artist: Sue Rosalind Vesely
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 900 x 1200
  • Price: $2,700.00

‘Waiting by the Water’
It is said that water remembers everything it touches. The memory of water contains the pattern of all the living organisms that have ever touched or contained it. We have that water within us; it pervades our existence. So we lie down waiting by the water, as with a companion in life.
How strange to have this relationship that suffuses our existence and takes so many forms. We are made of water, and we also take it into our bodies. We defile water to rid ourselves of dirt; then we return it to the system on which we depend for life. We play with its physical properties to amuse our bodies, entering deep and dangerous seas. Without water our brains cannot think and there is no life physical or spiritual. We visit water to look at its beauty, and we lie down by the water with a sense of security that we will be sustained. And when we touch it, we become part of the memory of water.

In my process of inventing spaces and figures, I have developed my own technique which I combine with the canonical painting modes and techniques of the Renaissance:
chiaroscuro, using tone to create space and form,
sfumato, using treatment of edge to imitate the way our vision works
and cangiante, which is to create shadow by changing the colour, avoiding the use of black and grey to modify colours.