We’re All in This Together

  • Artist: Tessa Wallis
  • Medium: Glazed Porcelain
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 220 x 300 x 120
  • Price: NFS

Creating a work in porcelain that expressed the Covid pandemic combined my enjoyment of carving relief designs in clay and combining symbols to illustrate a story. It is completely hand built and no moulds were used or made.
As I am interested in allegory, history and politics, I interpreted the havoc caused by the corona virus in this work. With a Chinese dragon figurehead and the emblems of nine countries affected by Covid 19 illustrated in low relief on its sides, the vessel is symbolic of the world- wide pandemic of 2020- 2021. A moose represents Sweden, a wolf Italy, a lion England, a rooster France, a crescent moon and star Turkey, a kangaroo Australia, a bull Spain, an eagle Germany and the emblem of Iran. An American eagle flies in the opposite direction while the vessel is tossed by waves. The virus is spreading far and wide as if on the infected tentacles of a giant squid. A large skull in low relief is a grim reminder of the drastic consequences of Covid 19.
“We’re All in This Together” sold at the “Encounters” exhibition curated by Anna Maas at the Box Hill Artspace.
It is my favourite Pandemic effort.