Windswept Trees

  • Artist: Jo Reitze
  • Medium: Permanent markers and fine liners
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 205 x 460
  • Price: $275.00

Jo Reitze Windswept Trees 2020 Fine liners and Markers on board

As our world changed these resilient trees became the catalyst for my ISO Project. Situated at Ocean Grove beach, these Macrocarpa cypresses have bent to survive gales and sea breezes for many years. Their pertinence during months of COVID Lockdown in Melbourne, has generated my series of over forty artworks – oils or gouache paintings, black and white drawings and others in coloured markers of this theme. They include this monochrome drawing in permanent markers and fine liners. This is a black and white work. Far from the beach where I have often painted them on location, COVID lock down forced me to work from my iPad photographs rather than en plein air. Here the trees are viewed from a close vantage point and form an interesting asymmetrical composition. The trees, bushes, tousled grass are built up of scribbly, lyrical lines that contrast with the dramatic white sky. We feel the movement and restorative sea air as we view. This is framed under glass in a simple 3.5 cm black frame.