Gagliardi Gallery Award for Steffie Wallace

Steffie Wallace showing at the Gagliardi Gallery in London.

Congratulations Steffie, how exciting to be selected for the award.

“The award I received was the Gagliardi Gallery Award – 25 artists selected for a 10-day exhibition at Gagliardi Gallery, Kings Road, London. Ref:

 I applied for the exhibition earlier this year and was thrilled when my entry was accepted. The London Art Biennale took place in July over a 4-day period at the Old Chelsea Town Hall in London, with 455 artists participating from 60 countries and was very well attended. (See Instagram refs at londonartbiennale)

Given the current COVID crisis, it was fantastic that it could take place when so many exhibitions and events have been cancelled.

My entry, ‘Desert Flooding, Alice Springs’ highlighted the extreme weather which is so frequently experienced in the times in which we live. The moon has always been an inspiration for me, especially over the past 18 months during lockdowns. For me it is a symbol of hope; a marvellous feature of nature defining time and space – constant yet ever-changing.

The painting measured 62x92cm and was painted in oil on linen. The privilege of being selected to be one of a fortunate few chosen to hold a 10-day exhibition in London has exceeded any of my previous artistic expectations, and I feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Many thanks for your help – I hope you are doing OK during the lockdown.
Warmest regards,