Member Access to Member Section

As the website has recently ‘gone live’ to the bigger world it is an exciting time for our Society.

In these early stages for Members ‘finding their way’ around the website it can be a lot of information to take in and a lot to discover.

The administration team are still a little like the ‘duck on water’. Looking cool, calm and collected on top while madly paddling underneath.

Last week the Member Section was completed by our website designer then ‘made it live’. Thanks to Jim.

However at this stage the madly paddling team are being buffeted by the wake and have not caught up.

For all those Members (old, new and life) who have paid their Subscriptions our sincere apologies that you cannot currently access the Member Area. We are pleased to see so many members are financial and you should all have access to the Member Section of the website at the latest by May 1st 2018.

Graceful Swans and Cygnets at Metung Beach