Dear Members,

This post is an initiative to keep you informed about activities at your MSWPS and  due to the spread of the Coronavirus your Committee has made the decision to delay all person to person activities for three months including Life Drawing, Member Meetings and the Special Event on April 30.
We do not know how long this coronavirus situation will last, so we will remain flexible and deal with things as they develop.
There are a number of things we will be doing, and there are things that you should do to ensure we all stay safe and well.
The first is for you to ensure you keep yourself aware of the latest developments as advised by the Commonwealth and State Chief Medical Officers.
These people are the most informed and provide the best advice.
Do not be taken in by mischievous and alarmist social media postings. Unbelievably some people are posting uninformed and often false information that confuses and alarms people.
Stick to the most accurate and timely sources of information which are:
National:              Commonwealth Department of Health
State:                    Department of Health and Human Services
The most important thing you can do to protect yourself and others is to stay away from events and people if you are feeling unwell or if you are in a high-risk group.
This virus can have devastating consequences for people with underlying health conditions. If you are in this high-risk group this is NOT the time for extra socializing.
Please keep check on the website and Facebook Page for any Post updates. Also do advise of any exhibitions or workshops intended during this period. Most Galleries are developing online exhibition forums for their artists so keep us informed of your activities.

MSWPS Members and friends at Louise Foletta’s Buxton Studio