Angeline Bartholomeusz

Angeline had a successful career as a scientist and then business development/commercialisation manager of scientific intellectual property. Growly up she loved art but her regional high school made her choose between art and science. Finally, in 2012 she picked up a paint brush and started to paint.

Angeline in 2022 decided to become a full-time painter. She is a member of the Victorian Artist Society and Glen Eira Artist Society. She is looking for a mentor to navigate the art world.

Artist Statement

“For me art is painting memories and my aim is to evoke memories that inspire emotions in others. Subjects include a commentary on climate change and our place in the world. I paint in acrylics. I find this medium suits my evolving styles and allows me to explore line, colour, tone, or texture to convey emotion and/or capture a sense of space and feeling.”