Denise Keele-bedford

QUALIFICATIONS: BA Fine Art, Master of Fine Arts RMIT

Artist Statement

In creating my artworks a major influence is history, being a combination of long and short-term collective events, rituals or personal memories.
Production includes working in multiples to form a series or a single artwork.

Major interests are in the diversity of people, cultures and environments, particularly regarding spirituality within personal and cultural belief systems.

I completed a Master of Fine Art in 2002 at RMIT Melbourne Campus and in the same year traveled to China.  I continued to work between my studios in Melbourne and Beijing where projects, research and influences from both cultures are integrated and reflected in my artwork production.  Since closing  Beijing’s Huanghua Studio in 2019 I am now based in Melbourne.

Mediums are varied to suit the particular installation with consideration for the site or environment. Indoor and outdoor installations, site-specific works and individual artworks include materials such as textiles, paper, organic elements, found objects, porcelain, glass or bronze.

Recent Highlights

Deep Blue Crossing in partnership with Fed Square at Fracture Gallery, The Atrium 1 – 30 November 2021

Arts Manningham Fellowship and Artist in Residency (FAIR) 2020

Legacy Planning for Older Women, in conjunction with Flesh After Fifty exhibition – Abbotsford Convent 18 March 2021

Shimenfeng Celebrity Culture Park AIR – Wuhan, Hubei China May/June 2019

Adrift an exhibition with Tan Yifeng – Red Gallery Contemporary Art Space 7 – 25 November 2018

paper only an exhibition with Pyo Inbu – K-YARC Gallery – Gwangju South Korea

EXISTENCE: Changsha International Women’s Exhibition – Mezzi Bookstore Art Space – Changsha China

One Day Tasun Creative Art 5th Anniversary Exhibition – Shan Shui Art Museum, Beijing – Curator Jia Jingjing (2018)

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1998 – present has held 18 solo exhibitions in Australia and China most recent: One Mile, One Boat – Art Centro, Poughkeepsie New York State
  • 2021 – Deep Blue Crossing, Fracture Gallery, The Atrium Fed Square melbourne

Group Exhibitions
Participates in many local, national and international exhibitions such as:

  • EXPORT 2019: A Joint Exhibition of International Artists –Mid-Hudson Heritage Center (Trolley Barn) Curators: Emilie Houssart and Zheng Xuewu
  • 2018 Prague Central European International Art Biennale *DINGCUN Special Exhibition –   Shanxi Normal University Academy of Fine Arts Dingcun Museum, ChinaPaper only Exhibition – An exhibition with Korean Artist Pyo Inbu (Fringe Event in conjunction with Gwanju Art Biennale, Curator: Jia JingjingExistence:Changsha International Women’s Art Exhibition – Meixi Academy Changsha ChinaGuest Artist at the 1st East Lake Biennale (27 Degree Angle Ecological Sculpture Biennale, 2017), Wuhan, Hubei, China.Invited Artist at art:gwangju:17 (Art Expo 2017) Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Finalist Nillumbik Art Prize – The Barn Gallery – Montsalvat, Eltham Australia
  • 2016 Lacuna: Relationships, Songzhuang China
  • 2015 Red and Green International Women’s Day exhibition – Centre for Contemporary Art Ningbo China
  • Life in Songzhuang, Songzhuang Art Museum
  • 2014 International Representational & Abstract Art Exhibition – Ningbo City Cultural Centre – Zhejiang
  • Manzhouli First Jia Sheng Culture Media Women’s Art Festival – Zha Lainuoer Museum, Manzhouli
  • Literati – Melbourne Chinese Museum Irish Wave Festival 2012,2011,2010 Beijing, Nillumbik Prize 2008-2012/2016 – Montsalvat Eltham Victoria, Epoch Unbounded – Henan Contemporary Art Museum (2010), Woman to see the World – “800 Show” (April 2010), Art Space Shanghai, China 2009 Albury Art prize – Albury Art Gallery NSW
  • Coordinates the bi-annual ‘Nv Yishu’ exhibitions in Australia and China- : Nv Yishu Series VII: Thread Long Gallery Montsalvat (2005 – 2016)


  • 2020 ARTS MANNINGHAM FAIR – Fellowship and Artist-in-Residence
  • 2019 Shimenfeng Celebrity Culture Park Artist-in-Residence – Wuhan, Hubei China
  • 2017 Willoughby Visual Art Biennial (Post Office Lane) – Willoughby NSW Australia
  • 2016 Hudson Valley Art Centre, Poughkeepsie, New York State
  • 2015 3rd Heshun Art Festival Residency, Xucun Shanxi, China
  • 2014 99 Art Museum Songzhuang China – Co-Curator Far and Wide Cultural Exchange Exhibition
    Centre D’Art I Natura – Farrera Spain Artist-in-Residence
    Marks, Makings and Memories: Mapping Montsalvat – Artist-in-residence Montsalvat
  • 2013 BHG and Coca Cola Art Project – CCC: A Chance to Exchange
  • 2012 Tianjin Port International Contemporary Art Exhibition – Tianjin
  • Australian Consulate-General Guangzhou Curatorial Commission for ‘Meeting Halfway
  • 2011 Dapu International Art Center – Daqing, Heilongjiang China
  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Victorian Multicultural Commission – Bendigo Bank – Manningham Shire, Support for ‘Nv Yishu Series V: Viriditas’
  • 2009 Australian Embassy – Beijing Support Funding for “Nu Yishu Series IV: Nu Red’
  • 2008 In residence The Orkneys/Outer Hebrides Scotland/Ireland
  • 2007 Australian Embassy – Beijing Support Funding for ‘One mOOnlit night: Lunar 08.15”
  • 2006 In residence Flinders Island – Bass Strait
  • ‘Peace Wall’ design and installation – Warrandyte Uniting Church Community Project, assisted by Walter Magilton, Mary-Lou Pittard and Warrandyte Community ‘Lotus in the Light’- Western Academy of Beijing. Outdoor Installation Project assisted by High School Senior Art Students
  • 2004 Nillumbik Shire Cultural Development Grant Australia-China Council Residence Award – Beijing BUNDANON ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – Bundanon
  • NAVA Artists’ Grant for ‘BEI GAO.I.D. succession:afterthought:persistence’

Recent Publications

  • EXPORT:Exhibition of International Artists – Exhibition Catalogue (2019)
  • Sunrise & Sunset: China & Europe International Arts Biennale of Prague Special Exhibition – Exhibition catalogue (2018)
  • 27 Degree Angle: East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennale – Exhibition catalogue (2018)
  • One Day:Tasun Creative Art – Exhibition Catalogue (2018)
  • Looking Down Under : Contemporary Artists from Australia –imago mundi Luciano Benetton Collection
  • The Nillumbik Prize 2017 – Nillumbik Shire Council Catalogue
  • 2015 3rd Heshun International Village Arts Festive – Xucun International Art Commune
  • 2013 10 Years in China – Denise Keele-bedford
  • 2011 Nv Yishu Series V:Viriditas – Curator Denise Keele-bedford
  • 2010 Epoch Undounded – Zhengshou Contemporary Arts Centre – Henan Province China, No Borders – Zibo Museum – Shandong Province China
  • 2009 The Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors – 100th annual Exhibition The Bulletin 46 Women’s Art Register
  • Woman – Nu Yishu – Series IV: Nu Red – Lao Lv – March 2009
  • 2008 When you think about art: The Ewing & George Paton Galleries 1971-2008 – Editor: Helen Vivian
  • Chinese Biennale- Curated by Chinese Base, Published July 20th Contemporary Art Studio – Editor in Chief; Yang Wei – Planners: Shen Jingdong, Denise Keele-bedford

International and national Private Collections, Bundanon Trust, Loyola College, Nillumbik Shire Council,Containers Packaging, Henan Contemporary Arts Center, Redtory Art and Living District, Australian Consulate General Guangzhou, Dapu International At Centre, Daqing Normal University, Shimenfeng Celebrity Culture Park – Wuhan China