Eva Miller

Artist Statement

I have always been interested in creating art of some sort and I suppose have dabbled in some sort of creative process all my life.

In school I remember drawing of Spanish galleons – I used to love drawing the beautiful details of the raised stern, and billowing sails.

When I left school I enrolled in illustration at RMIT at night school. I finished two years doing it part time, during which time I remember doing some life drawing and painting from still life. However I did not finish the full course.

Throughout the eighties I enrolled in (night school) library course, and after work and before the sessions began, I filled in the time by attending short courses at Prahran TAFE in drawing and some painting.

When I retired from teaching (not art) I had the time to indulge my passion more fully. I had the time to really become absorbed in art but did not yet know which direction I wanted to move into.

I became very interested in Mosaics, ( I think it was the colour of the pieces which attracted me) then moved on to Pastel painting. I am still drawn to the beautiful pastels in art shops. However, I still loved drawing and drawing the human figure is always a joy and challenge.

On moving to Hawthorn, I joined Hawthorn Artists Society and began life drawing in earnest and soon discovered Yvonne Audette and have been doing life drawing with her ever since.

Later, I discovered Richard Birmingham’s classes in painting and became very interested and have been painting with him ever since.

I also like to attend workshops with artists whose work I admire: Heather Betts, Mark Dober.

I have moved away from realism in painting, and enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful and colourful abstract  paintings with no preconceived picture or outcome in mind.

However, I am a fairly analytical and logical person and am also attracted to patterns and shapes – finding the pattern or connecting the shapes and colours in the work.

My work is now mainly in Acrylic paint and charcoal drawing

I am a full member of MSWPS and have exhibited with them for at least five years.

I also belong the Hawthorn Artist Society

The Contemporary Artist Society


Selected exhibitions

All MSWPS exhibitions.

2015 Solo exhibition 1812 Theatre Ferntree Gully

2015 group exhibition Cambridge Studio Gallery

2014 Steps Gallery

2013 group exhibition Cambridge Studio Gallery

I have also taken part in all CAS exhibitions (at which I was awarded Highly Recommended)

2014 Quadrant Gallery

2012 Essoigne Club