Jude Marganis

I studied art up to year 12,  followed by various life drawing and oil painting classes. Then my family came along so art was put on hold for quite a while. In 2007 I joined the Whitehorse Arts Association and was involved in classes for 7 years with Alan Close including 1 year of portraiture and life drawing classes. Whilst still at Whitehorse, in 2009, I joined Malcolm Beattie’s watercolour class at Peninsula Art Society for 1 year, then in 2010  I joined his tonal oil class at his studio in Camberwell. I continued in his class for 7 years. I feel lucky to have had such talented and knowledgeable teachers and am still striving to reach their standards!
I like to paint everyday subjects, mainly in oil, often with figures and I always consider light and tone.