Mariette Perrinjacquet

QUALIFICATIONS:  Diploma of Fine Arts,Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator & Graphic Artist, Art & Craft Teacher (TTTC)

Artist Statement

Born in 1941, Mariette grew up in Baulmes, a small Swiss village near the French border. Deeply impressed at a young age by her parents passion for prehistory and natural science, her prevailing interests remain closely related to the natural world and the preservation of its delicate and precarious balance.
In 1961, after obtaining the Diploma of Fine Arts, Mariette made her home in Australia, teaching for many years in Victorian Schools.
She is known for her lyrical organic sculptures and as an illustrator of considerable wit and visual incisiveness. Her tools are metaphors, symbols and whimsy. Active involvement in Peace, Environmental and Women’s Health issues has led to prolific work in these areas.
Mariette is a long standing member of the Women’s Art Registar and the Melbourne Society of Women’s Painter and Sculptors. She has exhibited with the Association of Sculptors of Victoria, Gallery Without Walls, The Eclectics for many years.
In 2013, she published ”The green Leaf” -(La Feuille Verte). The book combine 32 insightful water colour drawings with simple text in both English and French. In a modern parable, the artist shares her love for nature and her desire to pass it on to the next generation.

Solo Exhibitions
2016 “The Creation”, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box Hill, Vic.
2013 “The Green Leaf”, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box Hill, Vic.
2011 “Farwell Beautiful World” Chapel on Station Gallery, Box-Hill, Vic.
2009 “Dream with me” Chapel on Station Gallery, Box-Hill, Vic.
2008 “Portraits of travelling companions”, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box-Hill, Vic.
1997 “Origines”. L’Atelier, Romainmôtier, Switzerland.
1995 “Echoes of the Natural World”. Puffinry Gallery, Sherbrooke, Vic.
1994 “To Life”. Box-Hill Community Arts Centre, Vic.
1988 “Opus 88”. Gallery Without Walls, Box-Hill North, Vic.
1983 “Organic”. Piaf Gallery. Hawthorn, Vic.
1977 “Life and Decay”. La Trattoria Gallery, North Fitzroy, Vic.
Invitations/Group Exhibitions
2016 ”Fruition”, The Eclectics, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box-Hill, Vic.
2012 ”Discarded and Recycled”, Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Victoria.
2009 MSWPS 100th Anniversary, Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Caulfield, Vic.
2008 ”Create to Advocate”, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT. (invited)
2002 ”The Urban Forest Revealed”, Victorian Woodworkers Association, Manningham Gallery,Doncaster, Vic.(invited)
1995 ”Women on the Wall 1890-1990”, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Vic. (invited)
1994 ”Voicing Our Diversity”, Abbotsford Convent, Vic.
1992 Multicultural Exhibition, Lindengate Gallery, Yarra Glen, Vic.
1989 MSWPS 80th Annual Exhibition, Queen’s Hall, State Library of Victoria.
1986 Peace Arts Victoria 86, Waverley City Gallery, Vic.
1985 Association of Sculptors of Victoria 1930-1985, National Australia Bank, Vic.
”They call us Ethnic”, Waverley City Gallery, Vic.
2015 ”Sculpture On”, Highly commended & People’s choice Award, The Concourse, Beaumaris.
2015 Religious Art prize, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box-Hill, Victoria.
2014 Annie Oliver Award, Victorian Artists Society Galleries, East-Melbourne, Victoria.
2007 Mabel Pryde Memorial Prize, Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Caulfield, Vic.
2002 Mabel Pryde Memorial Prize, Manningham Gallery, Doncaster, Vic.
1999 New logo for the MSWPS.
1995 Illustrations Commission for ”Being our Age”, Older Women’s Voices, by Alison Elliott.
1994 Peace Tree Commission, Box-Hill City Council, Vic.
1993-94 Illustrations Commission for Healthsharing Women Publication.
1991-93 Illustrations Commission for ‘Conserve’, Department of Conservation & Environment.
1990 Mabel Pryde Memorial Prize, Victorian Artists Society Galleries, East-Melbourne, Victoria.
1984-92 Illustration Commission for The Age, Monthly Review and Accent pages.
1997 “Nord Vaudois”,August 21, Switzerland.
1993 More Than Just Gumtrees, Artistic History of the MSWPS, by Juliet Peers.
1991 MSWPS Bulletin, February.
1985 Matia (Multicultural Arts Today in Australia.) Perspective on visual Art by Dindy Vaughan.
2014 ”Berthe Mouchette”, Drawing Competition, Judge, Alliance Française, Melbourne.
1992 ”Environmental Journeys”, Weaving on driftwood workshop, Museum of Victoria.


Mariette Perriniaquet