Mina Afra

After working for years as a graphic designer, French teacher, and gemmologist, in 2020
I decided to follow my dream of becoming a professional artist and I have been painting fulltime
since. My passion for art and painting is rooted in my childhood watching my mum
painting landscapes in oil. In 2020 I attended the Colour Mixing and Landscape Painting
courses at Will Kemp Art School online to brush up my skills and an oil painting workshop
with Yasaman Servatian in person.
I am a member of Hobsons Bay Arts Society and I have recently begun my journey of
exhibiting publicly and selling my artworks.

To me painting landscape is a way to pay tribute to the beauty of nature that calms my mind. I work primarily with oil and acrylic. Each of my paintings is a compilation of quick drawings, colour studies and photos from my daily walks or past travels which I work on later in the studio. Through my brushstrokes I try to depict the sense of connection, motion and flow that exists in nature. The interrelation of all life forms as dancing together in my eyes, inspires me and I aim to convey my feelings of enjoyment and excitement while immersed in nature. I attempt to discover my internal landscape through painting the external one, sometimes by manipulating colours and forms, seeking emotional truth over visual representation.

• Diploma in Gemmology / 2017/ Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)
• Master of French Language Teaching / 2009 / TM University / Tehran, Iran
• Bachelor of Graphic Design / 2002 / Art University / Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 ‘Local Inspirations’, Hobsons Bay City Council, Altona VIC

2023 ‘The Mornington Art Show’, Peninsula Community Centre, Mornington VIC

2022 ‘Summer Is Here’, Joel Gallery, Altona VIC

2022 ‘The 12th Annual APC Art Show’, Albert Park College, Albert Park VIC

2022 ‘Something Special About Here’, Joel Gallery, Altona VIC

Honours and Awards in Gemmology
• Best Trade Student Award, Jewellery Association of Australia, May 2017*
• Geoff Tombs Medal for best all-round student in Australia, GAA, May 2017*
• Julia Myers Award for best practical exam result in Australia, GAA, May 2017*
• Howard J Lem Prize for best practical exam result in Victoria, GAA, May 2017*
• Bob Bubeck Prize for best theory exam result, May 2016**
• The Suzette Fairely Scholarship Award, May 2016**
*Ref: The Australian Gemmologist magazine, Jan-June 2017, Vol 26 No5&6 combined
**Ref: The Australian Gemmologist magazine, Jan-Dec 2016, Vol 26 No1-4 combined