Sue Jarvis

SUE JARVIS  Curriculum Vitae 2020                               suejarvisgallerygarden  24 Blackwood Lane, Gembrook, Vic. 3783.  Australia
Telephone: 03 5968 1567  Mob: 0428 818 131
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Background: Born(1949) in the industrial and now multicultural city of Greater Dandenong . Prizewinner at the Dandenong Festival of Music and Art for Youth under 25 years.  1971 Secondary Art Teacher.1978-80 Secondary Art Craft Consultant- Ballarat Region.1981 Full-time Artist.
Today as a painter: There is an emphasis on colour, shape and simplicity . Interest in the contemporary and diversity.
The camera and computer are used as design tools. She is also inspired by B&W photos and films.

2019    Circle of Women -group Show, SECAN Berwick

2016    MAMA Albury (NSW) – “In Process of Change”
2015    Montsalvat – Eltham (group)
2011    “CONSTRUCTION CITY” – Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong.
2010    Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell,“SYMBOLS OF CONSTRUCTION”
2009    Casey Art Space, Narre Warren
2004-1974      Thirty seven exhibitions including 4 interstate and 1 in UK
Publications:  “Post Modernism and the Visual Arts,” AEVJournal, No.3 2004
“The Character of Nineteenth Century Dandenong,” in book and CD ROM form, an historical architectural survey begun as a student paper in 1971
Collections: State, Municipal, Public, Company and Private collections including a major multicultural painting in 3 panels at the City of Greater Dandenong Offices foyer.
Related Art Activity
2019 Winner MSWPS Annie Davison Oliver Award. Judge: Lesley Harding,    Director Heide Gallery

2019 Art Show Pakenham- Best in Show. Noble Park Art Show, runner up

2019 Finalist- Maritime Art Award, Docklands, Melb.

2019 Open Studio at Gembrook for City of Casey Winter Arts

2019 Member of Cardinia Shire Arts and Cultural Reference Group

2018 Art Show Gippsland and Emerald Art Society- Best Oil

2017-Constance Wu Award-Co Winner.Melb.Society of Women Painters and Sculptors (MSWPS)judged by fellow artists

2017 Judge: Art Show Pakenham

2016 Mentor , Emerson School.Art  Advisor. Albany Rise Primary School                     2015 Shared Exhibition “Uncomfortable Terrain” at “Montsalvat,” Eltham.
2014 Finalist, Shirley Hannan Portrait Prize, Bega, (NSW)
2014 Finalist, Gallipoli Prize, Sydney
2014 Artist in Residence, Multicultural Mural, Beaconhlls College
2013  Winner, Portrait Prize, Australian Water Colour Society, exhibited at Montsalvat
2013 Finalist, Eutrick Contemporary Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour
2013  Finalist, South Eastern Melbourne Business Awards
2013  Finalist, Gallipoli Prize, Sydney
2013  Photographer for Cardinia Shire’s new offices .7000 images
2012   Best Painting in Show, Art Gippsland- Warragul
2012 August, Finalist in Polish Art Foundation’s – Urban Spaces
2012 Portrait of photographer Maggie Diaz purchase by State Library of Victoria.
2011 Finalist – Eutrick Contemporary Still Life Prize, Coffs Harbour, N.S.W.
2011 Photographer for “Face to Face” project, Springvale, Vic.
2010 Exhibition Community Access Gallery, Latrobe Regional Gallery
2009 Contracted photographer shopping precincts and new development, City of Greater Dandenong, Vic.
2008 Finalist, Maritime Art Award (A.N.L.) Melbourne
2008 Finalist John Leslie Prize for Environmental Art, Sale .
2008 Finalist, Gallipoli Prize, Sydney
2008 Winner, Cardinia Shire Business Awards, Home Based Business
2007  Finalist Gallipoli Art Prize (Sydney)

Member of Melb.Soc. Women Painters and Sculptors. Founding member of Secan- South Eastern Contemporary Art Network and Cardinia Art Society (CART)

On 27th May 2022, I was the equal recipient of the Gold Medal at Art Show Pakenham, my local Shire. The work is of Mt. Cannibal, recovering after the 2019 Bunyip area fires. I have included an image and Artist’s Statement. This dates back to my involvement in the Creative Recovery project of the Cardinia Shire.
I also , with the help of the Fire affected community, designed Corten Steel panels recently installed at the Tonimbuk Hall which survived the Fires.
At present, I am a Finalist in the 2022(biennial) John Leslie Art Prize for Contemporary Landscape at the Sale Regional Gallery.
This Exhibition runs from 9th September to 6th Nov, 2022.
The painting on canvas, 102x137cm is for me related to notions of sustainability.

Dancing After Harvest – statement

Cork oaks were part of Burley Griffin’s vision for Canberra to be a self-sustaining city.

He imported Quercus suber seeds from Spain in 1917.

Harvesting of the high quality and commercially viable cork began in 1917.

Properly harvested, the bark can be removed every 10 years.

As the genesis for the Canberra Botanic Gardens, these oaks are listed as a historic site.

I, too have a botanic garden, much of which is grown from seed, and a lifestyle centered around sustainability.

As an artist, I find the silhouette and form of the cork oaks unique…. they appear to dance.

Silhouettes of Mt.Cannibal- statement

A painting in oils on linen canvas by Sue Jarvis, 2022

The development of this large landscape,198x122cm, was enabled by a Storms Grant from Regional Arts Victoria through the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust. In recent years I had been a Creative Recovery Facilitator for locals from the Bunyip State Forest area affected by the March 2019 fires there.

Much of my inspiration came from visiting the area in 2020 as it slowly began to revegetate and recover. The landscape silhouette is more evident before regrowth.

This series of images  in different guises, is inspired from an area on Bassed Road Garfield North, near the Cannibal Creek Reserve.

The mount is the most recognizable feature burnt out in the fire and has been used as a reference point for thousands of years.