Sue Rosalind Vesely


BAHons in Fine Art, Heart of England University, UK

MA in painting Royal College of Art,UK


Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art, London




Full Member of MSWPS


Artist Statement:


My paintings are an attempt to connect to the viewer at a personal level.

Our minds work in similar ways in their fundamental functions.

When we remember a visual thing, we remember a simplified non-specific version of its appearance. This memory is a generic symbol for the object, there may be details but it is still a cut down version of nature, like the spoken word, which is always generic in describing objects.

I use remembered information to make invented and abstracted pictures of people and spaces that the viewers recognise as being within their own experience.

When viewers see this version of appearances, the images feel familiar, in the way that a dream is familiar, and they feel that the work somehow includes them or echoes a memory of their own.


Sue Rosalind Vesely        June 2022



Solo Exhibitions – Selected

2022  ‘We Are Gods’, Yarra Sculpture Gallery Melbourne

2021  ‘Jewellery of the Gods’, West End Art Space , Melbourne

2020  ‘Lighthouse’, West End art Space, Melbourne

2019  ‘Emotion in Space’, west End Art Space, Melbourne


Invitation and Group Exhibitions:

2022  ‘Connecting Dots’, Galleria Azur, Berlin

2022  ‘Citere’, Galleria Azur, Berlin

2022  ‘Omnia Award Exhibition’, Melbourne

2020  ‘Layers of Time’, West End Art Space , Melbourne

2020 ‘Reconnected’ Museum of Art and Culture, Lake Macquarie



2022   Dobell Lions Festival Award, First Prize for Figurative Painting

2019    Yarra Sculpture Gallery Exhibition Award



City of Birmingham Collection, Birmingham UK

City of Wolverhampton Collection, Wolverhampton, UK

Unilever Collection, London

Royal College of Art Collection, London

Municipal Collection, Lingen Ems, Germany

East Staffordshire BC, Burton, UK

Private Collections Worldwide – Australia, Africa, Britain, Canada, France, Norway, Switzerland, USA