Tang Ying

Family Name :  TANG    First Name: Ying

Australia is now my country of permanent residence.

Art Association Memberships

Melbourne Society of Women Painter & Sculptors

Watercolour Association of Australia

Victorian Artists Society

China Artists Association

Academic Qualification:
China, graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts 1991

Work Experience:

Art Teacher Wuhan Zhong Hua Lu Primary School 1983 – 1990

Artist 1991– 2010 (Wuhan, China)

Art Exhibitions, Competitions and Demonstrations  :[  Australina ]

July 2018 Camberwell Art Show ,Oil & Acrylic on Canvas [Fishing Village 1 ] ,


7-15 July 2018 Camberwell Art Show .Three Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  was selected. [Fishing Village 1 ] , [Fishing Village 2 ] , [ Foot Hill 1 ] .

17-18 March 2018 ,KNOX art show 2018.  Watercolour <Autumn Snow 1>. And other three.

 19-25 January 2018 Mornington art show 2018. Watercolou < Blessing> and Oil <Cool A1>.

 6-17 October 2017  MSWPS 2017 ART SHOW . Oil <Plateau environment.>

8-20 September 2017  Healesville  MEMO Show . <Himalayan 2>

 17-20 AUGUST 2017   THE BAYSIDE ART SHOW   ,Watercolour Sea fish & Bay  show at Bayside Yacht Club.

 8-16 JULY 2017 CAMBERWELL ART SHOW, Snow Season 1 [Acrylic,60x90cm,with a gold rotary wheel indicates that a judge considers it to be a good value & worthy artwork art from the heart

 10-12 Mar 2017 Yarra Glen Arts Show ,Watercolour A rivers source Awarded BEST WORKS ON PAPER.

 18 Jun 2016 .Meeting Joseph Zbukvic Exhibition

 3 Apr 2016 Watercolour  Demonstration at Mt Evclyn Yarra Valley Art Soc at Loldsinc0m Lommuiuly centen.

 25Feb-16Mar 2016 Watercolour Flower[] join Waterwheel Gallery Warburton.

 9-10 Jan 2016  Alvaro Castagent workshop.

 5 Nov 2015 .   be Ringwood art society judge.

 28-29 November 2015  KINGLAKE RANGES ART SHOW 2015      Watercolour “Yarra Vallay night “    First Place CONTEMPORARY & ABSTRACT .

 17-18 Oct 2015 Watercolour ink ‘Flower’ competition Albert park college ART show


Oct 2015 MSWPS ‘The Fairy Tree’

10-30 Sep 2015 in BLACK & WHITE exhibition at the Waterwheel Gallery .

Sep 2015 Join MSWPS Menber.

 4-9 Sept 2015  Visage  Watercolour  Sunshine     40 x 50 cm

13 July 2015     RAS  -Ringwood Art Society Guest Demonstrator Watercolour

 18 Jun 8Jul  2015 Watercolour Loyalty Love 50cm X 37cm join Upper Yarra Artistans Winter Art Show.

 29 May -16 Jun 2015 Oil painting Luck Fairies [1.2.] join Fantasy and Fairies Exhibition .Warburton

3-5 Apr 2015  Watercolour ‘nudes’[1.2.]  Nude.[1.2]  Competition  Bendigo Rotary club Art Exhibition.

10-12 Apr 2015  Watercolour ‘Landscape’[1.2.].Nude.[1.2] Competition Kilmore Art Expo 2015

 13 Mar – 14Apr 2015 “Watercolour Expressions on Rice Paper” Solo Exhibition at Arts Center Warburton.

28 Feb – 1 May 2015 Wain Weekend .

22Jan-11Feb 2015  Watercolour ‘Ballet’ [1.2.] join Upper Yarra Artistar Summer Art Show.

Jan-Feb 2015 Watercolour ‘Ballet’ [] join AGRA unframed

9 Nov 2014 Join AGRA workshop.and Join AGRA member.

31 October -19 November 2014 Solo Exhibition at Waterwheel Gallery, Warburton information Centre

13-14 September 2014 YARRA Valley Open Studios Weekend.

22August-15 September 2014 YVOS Group Exhibition at Oakridge.

30 August 2014 VISAGE  Portrait Competition ‘Aunty Joan’s Smile’, FIRST PRIZE , Upper Yarra Arts Centre 3409 Warburton .


4-19 October 2014 “OFF THE WALL”  Warburton BEST WATERCOLOUR AWARD “Unique Warburton”.

14-20 August 2013 “Mother and daughter” Exhibition TANG Ying and TANG Li, Cato Gallery Victorian Artists Society.430 Albert Street ,East Melbourne.

November 2012 Watercolour Society of Australia Exhibition,‘Imaginative Scenery’ AWARD Best Abstract.

2 November-3 December 2012, Galley 34 YEA ,Gary Male’s “From a Piano”and Tang Ying’s “Flowers” Exhibition.

May 2012 Kingston Art Centre – solo Exhibition, “Without men”

China Art Exhibitions, Competitions and Sculpture:

August 2011 Solo exhibition Tang Ying watercolour at Hubei Fine Arts Institute.

2009 watercolour work, “Flowers and Ceramic Series 2009” selected for the Eleventh National Art Exhibition.

2000 watercolour “Porcelain vase and flower series” selected for Ninth Hubei Provincial Art Exhibition

Excellence Award.
1999 watercolour “Thriving” selected for the national Ninth National Art Exhibition.

1998 watercolour works, pottery works, calligraphy works selected for the “98 Shanghai Art Fair.”

1997 watercolour “Lure” selected for Beijing Art Museum of China’s “Second National Youth Watercolour Exhibition.”

1997 watercolour “Porcelain vase and flower series” selected for Malaysian Evergreen Gallery’s “Chinese Watercolour Exhibition.”

1996 watercolour “Porcelain vase with flowers Series 26” selected for Art Museum of China’s “National Section watercolour, pastels exhibition” bronze prize winner.

1996 Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, Solo exhibition.

1996 watercolour work “Great Wall” won Innovation Award for Canada’s “Soul of China – Great Wall Song International Art Exhibition”.

1995 watercolour “The Blue Flower Series” selected for Art Museum of China’s “First national Youth Watercolour Exhibition” Academic award.

1995 “The third flower vase” selected for Hangzhou’s “95 watercolour exhibition in Hangzhou.”

1994 watercolour “Flower” selected for the “Eighth Hubei Fine Arts Exhibition.

1993 Pastel “Pottery” was selected for Beijing’s’ Sixth National Pastel Exhibition.

1992 watercolour “Blue” selected for Hong Kong Chinese Watercolour Exhibition.

1992 watercolour “The Blue Flower number 6” Bronze Prize in 1993 China Yangtze Cup watercolour competition.

1992 Chinese painting, “Tanabe” won Canada’s “Maple Leaf Award for First International Ink Painting Creation Exhibition.”

1991 Pastel “Still Life” selected for the “Fifth Chinese National Pastel Exhibit

1991 Chinese painting, “Hope to go home” selected for Taiwan’s “Cross-strait modern ink painting exhibition.”