For all Current Financial Members; you NOW have the ability to Access the Member Area of our very active website.

After a little smoothing of the ripples it should be fine sailing for you to proceed to investigate this section of the website.

A few details to note:

Have you paid your 2018 Subscription Fee? This was due on December 31st 2017. If you have not paid your fee then you are unable to access the Member Area. Once you are financial you will have the ability to proceed with access.

Is your email address currently up to date with our society? When you paid your subscriptions fee your email address on our records was used for you to receive an automated email detailing a link to setup your Password.

The email sent to you has a 48 hours expiry time.  Check the received email and if it is over 48 hours then it has expired.

 No need to panic. Open the email Click on the link then “click on Get New Password”.

You should receive another automated email with a link to reset the password.

With your Username and Password, you can go to the website and LOGIN to the Member Area. This gives you access to information related to Members and not for Public Viewing.

If you choose you can LOGOUT after each visit to the site.

If you do not have an Email Address.  You do not need to have an internet account to have an email. Several companies offer that you can set up a free email address. For Example:, and We recommend that you set up an email account and forward the New Email address to us. This can be done via the Contact Page on the website.

WordPress Page for Get New Password