Online Website Artwork Entry Hints and Requirements

In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, the 111th exhibition was replaced by MSWPS Annual Exhibition Online for the first time. Owing to its success and the possibility of international recognition, online exhibitions will supplement “live” exhibitions in future.

The MSWPS Annual Exhibition in 2021 is, for the second year, an online event.

MSWPS encourages Members to take the opp0ortunity to learn to present your artwork professionally in future exhibitions.

The FAQ Section in the member Area of this website offers answers to your questions regarding resizing images, labelling image files and taking artwork photographs.

It is a requirement that your Entry Form, for all MSWPS exhibitions,  is completed as exactly as you want it presented to the public.


Take notes if you need to remember any points. Take a screen shot to refer back to.

Original artworks created in the previous two years and not exhibited before in MSWPS exhibitions are eligible for the current exhibition entry.

Artwork Title:

Write this exactly as to be presented, consider the case that your use, ie:  shores away OR Shores Away OR Shores away. Lower and upper case makes a difference. “Shores Away” is a NO NO. Shores Away is perfect. Do not use ‘ OR ” to enclose the tile.


Many viewers will not know what W/C means. Write the full term: Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic etc.

Is the Oil on board, paper, canvas, linen etc? Write the support material: Oil on Stretched Canvas.


All MSWPS online exhibitions present the Unframed Size in MM.

Converting CM to MM. 10 mm equals 1 cm.

If you measure your artwork in cm:

Example: 60 x 70 – add a 0 to the end  = 600 x 700

Example: 35.5 x 54.2 – take out the .     =  355 x 542

If the artwork is framed, measure the artwork inside the frame and enter that size.

Do not enter: 760 x 760 framed. Enter: 530 x 530

On your entry form in the Size Box, Enter ONLY numbers AND x ie: 100 x 100

Do not enter the letters CM, MM – However for circular works ENTER Diameter.

All entries are presented as Height x Width AND x Depth for Sculptures.

Do not enter H, W OR D. ie: 350 x 200 x 150

Price: NFS (not for sale) is accepted. Enter 00.00 in Price box.


This where in 250 words or less, you can write about the inspiration for the artwork, any background to the production of the work or technique. If the artwork is framed, what is the framed size, how is it framed, where will it look good, what environment will it suit?

Artwork Image File:

Title Image File: Surname_First name_Title_Medium_Size

An image file title as below creates obstacles for administration:


Total uploads NOT to exceed 2mb.  Acceptable file extensions:: jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

Click on the questions below to find the answers in FAQ Section.

And Finally: