Sybil Craig and iPad Painting

The General Meeting at Ola’s Home on Thursday 12th July  commenced with a short introduction to digital technology of Tablets, iPads and mobile phone drawing applications – Apps. Helen carter introduced some of  her iPad drawings focusing on her play with the various techniques on offer. The talk by Carmel O’Connor was in the context of Sybil Craig’s life and times in a chronological / pictorial format to explain the progressive attitude of Modernist Painters from the mid twentieth century. Members were shown works from the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum publication Sybil Craig 1901-89 Modernist Painter.

An exquisite small work abstract also on display focused on the felt tip pen medium.

Carmel introduced the fact that Sybil Craig was making use of the latest new media available to create and express, artists of today are doing. Digital drawing, using a stylus to draw on an iPad, iPhone or such devices is the latest media available to artists for sketching.

A still life was set up and each member was given a small square segment from a Sybil Craig painting to use a starting point for ‘playing’ with the drawing apps on our devices. At the end of the session all  agreed that Margaret Gurney’s colourful, expressive drawing was best on the day.

We were thrilled with the arrival of Sybil Craig’s Self Portrait  on the doorstep at the end of the meeting.