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Colour – Form – Pattern! Walk on the Wild Side

I have walked in the wild of an outer suburban, natural location, engaging with the changing seasons through plants. I watched when they slept in Winter, when new little sprouts of green pushed through, expanded, and produced amazing colours. I saw colours fade and blooms drop, along with leaves that fell or shrivelled in the cold, which was a sign of sleeping again.

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Hope is the Thing Book launch and Exhibition

Dear friends, I’m excited to let you know that a secret project that I’ve been working on is about to be secret no more. For the last few years I’ve been working on illustrations for a book called Hope is the Thing by Johanna (Yo) Bell. It will be published by Allen & Unwin on Jan…

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ADRIFT – Two Artists, Two Cultures

Adrift is an exhibition bringing two artists from two cultures together in visual discussion on what it means to be unanchored. Tan Yifeng born in China and Denise Keele-bedford of Celtic heritage express in a light-hearted way the seriousness of being without a base, to be unmoored and floating aimlessly in hope. To dream of utopia or perhaps to simply hope to live in a stable environment.

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