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FLORA: Celebrating The Plant World

Five MSWPS Members are currently participating in Flora at Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens. One of four locations across the Greater City of Dandenong, the 160 artworks are on display on the walls and amongst the artifacts of the Cottage Rooms. Flora is a series of exhibitions, programs and events, offering new perspectives and…

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Featured Artist

Huang Guanyin

Huang Guanyin by Denise Keele-bedford is the current featured artwork. Huang Guanyin was selected for a Highly Commended at the 110th MSWPS Annual Exhibition. Tea stains on Chinese wash paper in multiple layers form the basis of the 400 x 400mm Artwork. This artwork will also feature in the Marks in Time Exhibition at Art…

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Introduction to MSWPS Website

At the General Meeting on 10th May 2018 Denise Keele-bedford presented and Introduction to MSWPS Website. Highlights of the introduction are in the May 2018 Bulletin. Past President Joan Richard presented Denise with a copy of ‘More Than Just Gumtrees’ by Juliette Peers. ‘More Than Just Gumtrees’ is a publication about the History of the…

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See me: Hear my Silent Screams
See me as a Pearl yet you see me as a sexual object.
Hear my Silent Screams as purity is systematically and forcefully pierced and destroyed.
See my transformation as the ‘jewel’ of my being is stolen.
Hear my Silent Screams as I am forced to endure another invasion.
See the broken virgins; hear the ‘comfort women’ voices.

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