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Pamela Irving: Yolo Man and His Apocalyptic Alphabet

YOLO is a social media acronym meaning You Only Live Once. Pamela Irving’s ‘YOLO Man’ character started life in her murals at St Kilda’s Luna Park and were most recently shown at the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics in Chicago, USA. In this series of original ink drawings and mosaics to be exhibited for the first time in Australia, YOLO Man is depicted carrying a variety of apocalyptic figures on his head, hands and sometimes even his tongue. Often struggling due to the gravitas of those that burden him,
YOLO man however manages the task with great optimism. Irving appropriates imagery from both well-known and obscure mosaics, drawings and paintings about the apocalypse. YOLO Man is a much loved character of the artist and a great edict to live by.

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