Marion Chapman, Suzanne Kaldor, Tessa Wallis, Jocelyn Bell and Carmel O’Connor welcomed the Art Gallery of Ballarat GALLERY GUIDES:-Ellen Ryan – AGB Guides Secretary. Peta Price, Ewan Barker, Heather Macleod, Fran McPhee Allan, Marg Dalton,  Margot Burrows,  Marie Kau, Kathie Ensor, Caroline Hutterer, Colleen Burke, Fiona Tonkin, Geraldine Roberts, Ann Lacey, Irena Kempski, Gail Schuler and Lola Allen,

The AGB Guides visited the Ola Cohn Centre as our guests. Our member Liz Moore Golding introduced me to the guides during our excursion to the AGB last winter. The guides have a special interest in Ola Cohn’s sculptures in the AGB collection, her family connections and roots in Ballarat, her sculptures and life story.

Jocelyn introduced the Ola Cohn Centre (house) and garden giving a short, interesting talk about Ola Cohn. Tessa Wallis read her article about Ola Cohn ‘At The Cutting Edge’ familiar to you through reading the Sprinter Bulletin and the VAS e-journal emailed to all email savvy members.

The AGB Guides arrived at 12 noon having departed from Ballarat by train just after 9AM. On arrival in Melbourne they then travelled by tram from Southern Cross Station to East Melbourne. Marion, Suzanne and I made cakes, tea and coffee whilst the guides brought there lunch with them. It was very exciting to be with these enthusiastic people; they presented the MSWPS with a donation of $50 which was very kind and considerate.

Review by Carmel O’Connor