Honorary and Life Members

Many of MSWPS early members were plein air painters and identified with the Heidelberg School.  The interest in the decorative arts at the opening of the twentieth century attracted other members who were significant craftspeople. By the 1920s, the Society was assimilating the generation of professional women artists emerging from the Melbourne National Gallery School, with significant women artists, representatives of both the Meldrum tonal school and modernism, being invited to join.

Current Honorary Members

   Dr. Juliette Peers

Current life members

Joan Richard
Joan Richard Joined 1989
Pauline Cross Joined 1994
Pauline Cross Joined 1994
Jocelyn Bell Joined 2003
Jocelyn Bell Joined 2003

Helen Carter Joined 2001

Carmel Mahony joined 1990

Maureen Slatter Joined 1986

The Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors Members has included:


Serpentine, with acknowledgement to the artist and the Association of Sculptors of Victoria Inc.
Countenance by Valda Cuming OAM

Maureen Slatter (1930-2020)

Maureen joined the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors  in 1986. She served on the Committee and awarded a Life Membership. Maureen is featured in 'More Than Just Gum Trees' by Juliette Peers as stating 'I aim to interpret and develop what I see, through imagination to a greater or lesser extent, depending upon my purpose. To show that there are different way of perceiving what we call reality.'


Mariette Perrinjacquet (1941-2019)

Mariette was a long standing member of the Women’s Art Registar and the Melbourne Society of Women’s Painter and Sculptors. She has exhibited with the Association of Sculptors of Victoria, Gallery Without Walls, The Eclectics for many years.
Mariette designed the MSWPS logo.

“The concept or general idea behind the design was to honour and promote as well as I could women’s artistic expression.

Playing with a few symbols, positive and negative shapes...and that’s what I came up with!

The left side of the image represents the canvas, the right side a free standing 3D form.

But this is analytical. What is more important is the visual impact of the image, and perhaps the fact that the logo fits into a circle encompassing a harmony and fulfillment we all yearn for.”




Valda Cuming OAM (1929 - 2020)

Valda was a Member of MSWPS since 1995 - A sculptor who used a range of materials including wood, ceramic and stone. She served as a MSWPS Committee member for many years.  Valda was committed to her discipline and was awarded an Order Of Australia medal  OAM for services to the arts in 2019.



Judith Perrey
The Toymakers
Oil (detail)
Judith Perrey The Toymakers Oil (detail)

Judith Perrey  (1927– 2016)
Jood was a stalwart of the Society, joining in 1961. Since the 80s she held every position on the Committee including President, Treasurer and Secretary. She was a Life Member of the Society. When she was the Editor of the Bulletin, Jood regularly wrote clever poems, preparing the Jood Quiz for Winter and Christmas luncheons and attended life drawing every week.

Judith Wills
Barges at Hoorn
51 x 61cm
Judith Wills Barges at Hoorn Oil 51 x 61cm

Judith Wills – (1930 -2016)
Judith was a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society, Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors and was a Fellow of the Victorian Artists Society. She was the recipient of a number important art awards, held several solo exhibitions and her work is held in many private and corporate collections.



Constance Walker
Rock Art, Northern Territory
Constance Walker Rock Art, Northern Territory Oil

Constance Walker – (1924 -2017)
Connie joined MSWPS in 1985, she had been President of the Victorian Artists’ Society. She also had terms in Office at Waverley Art Society. She was a fine painter and an inspiration to all. Connie was in her 90s and exhibited in both MSWPS exhibitions in 2016.