Becoming a Member

MSWPS Aims and Objectives

The Society seeks to elect professional artist members of high ability regardless of their style or genre.

We offer friendship, networking and encouragement to all women artists.

Registration Number:  A0018899B

MSWPS Activities

The Society holds an annual exhibition. All full members may take part. Small exhibitions are held at various venues during the year. Associate and full members may take part.

A bi-monthly newsletter (The Bulletin) is emailed OR posted to all members and patrons. This is to inform of any activities, outings and social events, with dates times and costs. Members are also invited to promote their exhibitions and workshops and to list their achievements and prizes.

In between The Bulletin members are updated via Emails, Facebook and the Website.

Full Memberships can submit information and images for their individual website page on the MSWPS website.

The Society offers low cost Life and Portrait sessions as well as studio space on Thursdays. Models provided. These sessions are open to non-members on a limited basis.

We have a small library from which members may borrow.

  • General meetings held on 1st Thursday monthly may include a speaker, films, demonstrations, gallery visits, sketching, excursions or discussions.
  • Committee Meetings are held on 2nd Thursday afternoon monthly
  • Any month with a 5th Thursday will have activities organised as notified in The Bulletin, Facebook and Website.
  • Annual General Meeting 1st Thursday, March
  • Winter Luncheon 1st Thursday, June
  • Christmas Luncheon 1st Thursday, December

Membership Categories

Full Membership
Entitles exhibiting 2 pieces in the Annual MSWPS Changing Perspectives Exhibition.

Applicants are to submit for assessment by the committee:

  • A detailed CV
  • 5 or 6 actual pieces of work (photographs may be accepted for very large pieces of work)
  • Articles that support or display your art making processes. eg: journals, sketchbooks, drawings, studies

Associate Membership
Entitles taking part in any of MSWPS activities except the Annual Exhibition.

Membership is granted on processing your application and receipt of subscription

There is also the possibility to apply for full membership at a later date.

Membership Fees

Full Membership $60.00 per annum

Associate membership $40.00 per annum

How to apply for a membership

An application form is available after contact with MSWPS. Please go to our contact page and submit a request for Membership.


Click on the button below to submit an online application form.