Congratulations to:

Gwendoline Krumins who has won the 2021 Victorian Artists Society, Mavis Little Artist Of The Year award.

I am overwhelmed with the news that I have won the Mavis Little Artist of the Year 2021 award from the Victorian Artists Society. For my work to resonate with my peers, has given me a leap of faith in myself, as the award is decided by Society members' accumulated votes throughout the past 12 months.

I have been a member of the VAS since the 70's and my first ever entry into one of their exhibitions was rejected. At that time there was a committee of judges selecting entries. I have been invited to exhibit in the AOTY exhibitions for the past several years and have been trying my best each time.

Having reduced my teaching classes over the past few years, then having plenty of time in lockdown, I felt a shift in my mind about what I was painting. Mavis Little, who's family sponsors this exhibition, told me many years ago, that I was a very diverse painter (varied subjects). Travelling frequently had a great influence on my subjects, as well as portraiture which stemmed from participation in the Friday Group painters at the VAS studio.

I started revisiting paintings from the past, children mostly. It was during a visit, seeing a friend's daughter and how she was parented that began the wheels of thought in motion. I wanted to paint her, not for her beauty, but for what I thought she could become. I set her against a graffiti of empowering slogans in the background and considered her stance. When I was painting this piece, I had more purpose than just making a likeness. It was a kind of shift in my thinking approach.

The rose painting I submitted in the VAS Spring exhibition was conceived during one of our lengthy lockdowns, having walked the streets each week on our one hour exercise allowance.
I watched the roses, bud, bloom and wilt, which was how many of us were feeling. The title of this painting was 'Senescence', it won the Presidents award. Once again, the paintings' concept had a deeper meaning to me.

I hope I can keep up this purposeful approach in my work, but somehow it feels intangible. Every so often, not often enough, I feel a new level which occasionally is indefinable until it is repeated a number of times.

I am grateful to the sponsors, the Hanson Little Foundation for making this award possible. Gwendoline Krumins

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Finalists in the VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year Award 2017

Louise Foletta, Annee Kelly, Gwendoline Krumins, Moira Laidlaw, Barbara McManus, Elizabeth Moore-Golding, Robyn Pridham, Jo Reitze, Jenny Scholes, Raelene Sharp and Erica Wagner