Award Winners


112th Annual Exhibition


Sophie Gerard

Assistant Curator of
Australian Art NGV.



Vicki Sullivan, Wild One

Oil on Linen

Wild One, Vicki Sullivan, winner of the Annie Davison Oliver Award



Valda Cuming OAM served on the MSWPS committee for many years during her 25 years membership of the Society. Valda was widely recognized for her proficiency in sculpture using

a range of materials including wood, ceramic and stone.At the pinnacle of her career in 2019, she was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services to the arts.

The Valda Cuming Sculpture Award was established by MSWPS in recognition
of her family's bequest and Valda’s impressive achievements.

Suzanne Kaldor, Summertime




Monica Mauer Jan, Angel, Bronze

Jan Martin, Lake Bunga, East Gippsland, Watercolour

Elizabeth Moore Golding, Uncle Jack,

Oil on Board

Sue Jarvis, Contemplation In The Hall That Survived The Fires, Oil on Canvas

Vicki Sullivan, Just another day at the Office, Portrait of Bob Starkie (Skyhooks), Oil and Gold Leaf on Linen

Margaret McLoughlin, Steels Creek Road 2021, Oil on Linen


Annie Davison Oliver Award

2020 Gwendoline Krumins

2019 Sue Jarvis

2018    Susan Sambell

2017    Beatrice Magalotti

2016    Jo Reitze

2015    Anna Hamnes

2014    Mariette Perrinjaquet

2013    Fiona Bilborough

2012    Gillian Lodge & Roz McQuillan

2011    Annee Kelly

2010    Ev Hales

2009    Louise Foletta

2008    Zoe Amor

2007    Nell Frysteen

2006    Micheline Jones

2005    Angela Abbott

2004    Louise Foletta

2003    Lyndal Thomas

2002    Gwen Batiste

2001    Jo Hannan

2000    Margaret Cowling

1999    Nell Frysteen

Annie Davison Oliver was a long serving Treasurer and Benefactor of MSWPS. Her death in 1997 at the age of 94 ended a long and valuable association of 67 years, in appreciation, MSWPS established this award in her memory.

The Inaugural MSWPS Sculpture Award 2020

Beatrice Magalotti


Danks Trust Award

2018    Jan Martin

2017    Jo reitze

2016    Barbara McManus

2015    Nell Frysteen

2014    Celia Beeton

2013    Heather Ellis

The Danks Trust Award Honours a MSWPS member for her dedication to art and to acknowledge her high standard of achievement in her work. It is awarded to encourage, reward and foster excellence in individual artistic pursuits undertaken by our women artists. Funded 2013 - 2018.



Constance Wu Award

2018    Susan sambell

2017    Liz Moore Golding & Sue Jarvis

2016    Roz McQuillan

2015    Vicki Sullivan

2014    Marg Gurney

2013    Annie Finkelde

2012    Heather Ellis

The Constance Wu Award was established by Carolyn Yong in memory of her mother, Constance Wu. Awarded 2012 - 2018.

This award was first presented in 2012. It is presented to the artist receiving the most votes from MSWPS members whose works have been shown in the Annual Exhibitions.

This peer evaluated award was initially presented as The Mabel Pryde Prize and later as The MSWPS Award. MSWPS thanks Carolyn for this support.


2021 Cynthia Boyle

2020 Anne Melloy, Liz Moore Golding,

Margaret Picken, Erica Wagner (equal votes)

2019  Liz Moore Golding

2011    Annie Finkelde

2010    Ev Hales

2006    Betina Fauvel-Ogden

Mabel Pryde Prize

2008    Betina Fauvel-Ogden

2007    Mariette Perrinjaquet & Jean Carson Gray

2006    Maureen Slatter

2005    Maureen Slatter

2004    Jean Carson Gray

2003    heather Ellis

2002    Mariette Perrinjaquet

2001    Judith Perrey

2000    Joan Richard

1999    Rosemarie Curry

1998    Janet Matthews

1997    Joanne Miles

1996    Valda Cuming

1995    Judith Perrey

1994    Nell Frysteen

1993    Nada Hunter

1993    Jo Hannan

1991    Judith Perrey

1990    Josephine Bennett & Mariette  Perrinjaquet