New Members


Becoming a Full Member of the Melbourne Society for Women Painters and Sculptors includes the process of Application Submission, a vetting of artworks, CV and Support Articles before a Committee for selection into the MSWPS fold of artists.
The Society seeks to elect professional artist members of High ability regardless of their style or genre.
We are therefore always thrilled to welcome our New Members and acknowledge their skills of discipline and their value adding to our unique Society.

2024 Welcomes:

Anna Mandoki:

Anna Mandoki is a UK-born artist and writer who has previously lived in London and Budapest, and who now lives and works in Naarm/Melbourne.

Mandoki is a largely self-taught artist, painting under the name Dorian since 2019. Her art practice is inspired by her Hungarian father’s refugee journey, and by her own story of migration, to explore themes of flight, freedom, belonging and transformation. Her richly-textured paintings layer materials such as soil, sand, photographs and newspaper beneath the paint, creating emotionally expressive works that evoke ideas of memory, place and time.

Mandoki’s work has been selected as a finalist in the Bluethumb Art Prize, the Percivals, and the Southern Buoy Studios Portrait Prize.



Pip Williams:

My prints are influenced by the Bellarine landscape as well as my travels. I enjoy the hands on technique and the ability to lay down many colours & design plates to achieve a sense of mystery, surprise and shimmering colour.

To achieve these multi coloured prints, I use a colour reduction technique. This involves printing 4-5 layers of colour using the same lino block, but cutting away the detail to allow the colour to remain that you have just printed.. quite tricky! The number on the corner of the print indicates how many prints exist. Some are artists proof (one off), the rest are Limited Edition & cannot be repeated.

It is an amazing medium & results can range from simple naivety to complex abstractions. It is difficult to return to working small and with a limited palette once you start to experiment!

Liz Turner:

Painting preferences are portraits or figurative subjects in pastel or oils.

 Experiencing European galleries first hand, joining the Paris Urban Sketchers and drawing at the famous Académie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris have enhanced an appreciation of the wider context of art in society and its traditions.

 A stay in a remote indigenous community in the East Kimberley heightened an already keen interest in Aboriginal history and culture, and a belief too that reconciliation starts with individual awareness. Her many indigenous portraits and figurative studies are a small contribution to this end.