New Members


Becoming a Full Member of the Melbourne Society for Women Painters and Sculptors includes the process of Application Submission, a vetting of artworks, CV and Support Articles before a Committee for selection into the MSWPS fold of artists.
The Society seeks to elect professional artist members of High ability regardless of their style or genre.
We are therefore always thrilled to welcome our New Members and acknowledge their skills of discipline and their value adding to our unique Society.

2022 Welcomes:

Charlotte Clemens: Charlotte is a Melbourne based artist, qualified with Bachelor of Painting, Printmaking and sculpture, who acquired her Masters of Education in 2014. Charlotte participates in a variety of exhibitions and will be showing at Red Gallery, Fitzroy in the near future. See her website here:

Kate Howard:

Kate is a Melbourne-based artist and teacher with over 30 years’ _practice. Her materials of interest include glass, ceramic, cement, copper, wire, fibre and found objects. Valuing curiosity, experimentation, and skilled understanding of technique to challenge the possibilities of a medium, she explores our perception of the intrinsic value of things: objects, time, and place. Recontextualising, making unexpected connections and combining unconventional materials. Frequently using offcuts and discarded materials – _particularly those that surprise or intrigue – Kate embraces experimentation, science, and serendipity.

Victoria Duggan: is a painter, residing in Naarm/Melbourne. She holds qualifications in Building and Landscape Design where she studied perspective drawing and scaled design. Victoria has attended painting & trompe l'oeil classes by artist John Lawry and works primarily with oil on canvas. She has recently begun exhibiting her paintings in community art shows. When she's not painting Victoria is planting vegetables and playing with her children in their fairy garden.

Associate Member: Margaret Christianson

New Members 2021:

Lillyana Antoneavic:

I paint and draw because I can not live without it.
I live and work from my home in Brunswick West.
I share my art and life with my Siamese cat.
I specialize in portraits, both human and animal kind.
I especially like to draw and paint cats, all cats big and small. I work in all mediums from pencil on paper to oil on canvas. My style is realism and hyper realism.

During September and October 2021 we welcomed five full members: Gillian Govan, Christine Gibbs, Ilona Herreiner, April-Kaye Ikince and Vicki McInnes.

April-Kaye Ikinci:  Art and writing are now irrevocably intertwined into my life: theatre writing and production and performance, visual arts and 3D, exhibition curation, book creation, publishing and other.  My artmaking is based around my experience, living and the mediums that suit the manifesting of the apt image.

Gillian Govan:  I have been creating art since childhood and I enjoy the full process of creating  although I don’t think of it so much as a process as an evolvement that begins with the submission to the first seed of an idea to be developed manipulated and built upon.

I paint in a studio, at home and make sculptures in my shed and in a huge shed on a farm in a beautiful inspiring part of country Victoria.

Christine Gibbs: I explore the themes of fragility and vulnerability and the growing threat of species extinction. Of particular interest are remote landscapes such as Tasmania's central highlands and the far north west of Western Australia. I interpret the environment through painting, photography and drawing.

Vicki McInnes: Vicki is an experienced professional artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her works strongly echo the tonal realist discipline she studied intensively at Montsalvat in Eltham, showing carefully observed colour and form, with a contemporary approach to composition.

Ilona Herreiner:

Two years ago, Ilona Herreiner moved from Berlin to Melbourne, where she now lives and works. Ilona studied at the University of Fine Art in Karlsruhe (Germany) for six years, where she graduated with an honorary degree. She received notable awards such as the Konrad Adenauer scholarship and was represented at important art fairs such as Art Basel, Art Cologne…

The central theme of her work is transformation. Ilona often borrows her creatures from the world of myths and fairy tales, gives them modern attributes and creates beings in transition, sometimes with a mysterious comedy. Groups are typical of Ilona; each figure carved out of tree trunks in one piece. The surface of the work is alternately rough and smooth and reveals the work process of chainsaw, axe, and chisel. Fabric and colour are cautiously applied, always maintaining the overall wooden appearance. Ilona’s figures rarely have an obvious, main frontal view. They force the viewer to move around the sculpture, to bend, or strain and to discover unexpected, sometimes odd scenarios.

August welcomes new members Cherry Manders, Aukje Van Vark and Monica Mauer Jan.

Cherry Manders: Cherry enjoys plein-air painting in the rambling beauty of her riverside garden near Melbourne, Victoria and on her regular trips to the Gippsland Lakes. When painting plein air, Cherry is often to be seen battling the elements in various locations around Victoria. Her use of natural light is reflected in all her vibrant canvases.

Aukje Van Vark: From very early on I have been an artist and maker of things. It was only logical that after highschool I was going to Art school - a broad skill based study where I learned to work with metal, wood, clay, textiles, and of course drawing, printing and painting. I also learned to transfer these skills and be a teacher.

I have been concentrating on clay and bronzes the past years, while my husband is a massive support in the technical department, making bases, welding and figuring out what went wrong.

Monica Mauer Jan: Sculpting and working with clay are Monica’s passion. Her aim is to create pieces that instill emotion and sensitivity. Creating is a journey, and the final creation is often far from the starting point. Monica’s desire is for her work to offer the public as much pleasure as it gives her in bringing those pieces together to life.

Leah Wood, a painter, joined the society in July.

I’m a Melbourne based artist, busy mother of twin boys and a wife. I’m inspired by the mysterious quality of truly great art, in their expression of life and the technical skills they’ve mastered. This motivates me to also express what I see and hopefully convey that to the viewer through my work. I particularly like drawing and oil painting in the tonal realist style. As Einstein said, ‘The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It’s the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.’ And I hope that one day I can live up to this ideal.

This is my years entry into the Norma Bull scholarship of my son, Liam, now that I have practically finished this I will begin work on the entries for the MSWPS annual exhibition.


April 2021 welcomes Randa Baini. Randa moved  from Sydney to Melbourne in 1991. She studied art courses in Lebanon, Sydney and Diploma on Visual arts at NMIT. Her most recent solo exhibition "ARTWALK" was in 2018.

March 2021 Welcomes New Members: Amanda Holmes Tzafrir, Robyn Riley, Michelle Sturrock and Sharyn Madder. Lyn Banna, who has been an Associate member since 2018 has in 2021 become a Full member.

President Linda McEwan with New Members Michelle Sturrock and Sharyn Madders