New Members


Becoming a Full Member of the Melbourne Society for Women Painters and Sculptors includes the process of Application Submission, a vetting of artworks, CV and Support Articles before a Committee for selection into the MSWPS fold of artists.
The Society seeks to elect professional artist members of High ability regardless of their style or genre.
We are therefore always thrilled to welcome our New Members and acknowledge their skills of discipline and their value adding to our unique Society.

2023 Welcomes:

Leanne Vassallo: I move between a variety of mediums depending upon the subject sometimes with a thread of a similar theme. I like to explore subjects in both 2 & 3 dimensions. A study drawing of a flower can begin with a pastel painting, followed by a lino cut as well as a porcelain bass relief. I am currently inspired by the ever changing shapes and colour of nature. The way the light can alter the colour of a lotus leaf from blue green to lime. The shifting shimmer of a peacock feather and the structure of a butterfly wing when enlarged 100 times. I like to work from real life objects and never cease to be in awe of the patterns and rhythm that flows across every species on this planet.

Mina Fathi: For twenty years, I've been on an exciting journey exploring the world through my art. I have been using different materials like Color Pencil, Oil color, Acrylic, Gouache, and more to express my feelings and stories. I was honored to be a student of the great artist Morteza Katouzian. I have been his student for over twenty years.

Mara Melia: We welcome Mara as an Associate Member.

Celia Moriarty: Celia is an artist who explores positive social change through art. Focused on using beauty in paintings to create positive conversations or actions - to tell stories that need telling. I use art as a means of exploring how we relate to and live in the world. From portraits acknowledging excellence in areas of social inequity and highlighting the need for change, to showing the beauty of Australian flora in order to enhace people to use more Australian natives in their garden.

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