Christmas Party & Christmas Market 2017

MSWPS Christmas Party & Christmas Market 2017
Glam up to celebrate in the Style of Dior
To be held at the Ola Cohn Centre on Thursday 7 December at 12 noon
NB Could all attending please bring a plate of food to share and a Kris Kringle gift.
*If you are bringing guests please bring a Kris Kringle gift for them to give too.
(This gift should be valued at approximately $10 and be one that you would like to receive)
• Drinks are provided. There is no entrance charge
• Dress in the Style of Dior. The NGV Exh. should inspire you to find or create an outfit.
• A Christmas hamper will be raffled on the day.
• Bring a chair in case we require more than we have.
• Christmas Market Stall: You are encouraged to bring small items to sell such as cards,
small sculptures, paintings, pots or prints, jewellery, plants and/or jams etc. (10% commission).
NB Linda McEwan is wishing to purchase cards from members to have on hand for presentations
etc so if you do cards show them to Linda
• This is also an opportunity to renew your membership for 2018