67: Spirit Woman of Magnolia tree

  • Artist: Cheryl Osborne
  • Medium: Mixed
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 140 x 210
  • Price: $200.00

Spirit Woman of Magnolia Tree – recalls memories of my childhood. My mother planted a Magnolia Tree in our garden at Beaumaris to celebrate my birth.The tree and I grew together and spread our branches over the years. The strong Magnolia tree was adorned with white blooms tinged with shades of dark crimson. The green leaves shone with dew. It always bloomed for my August birthday as my dear mother had wished. In the Hindu faith the non sentient beings are plants. They have feelings and thoughts. This has become more accepted in Western philosophical and scientific thought. In this image of my dreams an interdependence between sentient and non sentient beings is conveyed.
Colored pencils, gel pens and felt tip pens are the media used in this reflection from safe times in my mother’s garden.
When the property was sold the garden and my home were flattened by cruel machines symbolizing some human’s desire for wealth and riches. The land still still lays denuded. Tears filled my heart when I first saw this. Comforting memories of my Mother’s Garden will always be in my heart and mind.